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Standard Sweep including full certification (Certificat de Ramonage) and smoke test.

TTC - Prices include 10% TVA subject to a signed attestation stating the house is over 2 years old.

Woodburner / small open fire / insert

93.50 €  TTC

Flue swept & inside of appliance cleaned

Pellet Burner

110 €  TTC

Flue swept, inside of appliance cleaned and chambers cleaned.

(Please note, electrical work not undertaken)

Esse cooker stove                  

143 €  TTC

Flue swept plus gas chambers around the outside of the cooking box where debris / soot / tar builds up


Unlined Woodburner                 

110 €  TTC

i.e. the flue does not go all the way to the top.

Please note, unlined does not meet current installation regulations; this will always be stated on the certificate


Large open fire

110 €  TTC

i.e. so large you can stand in it


Multiple appliance bookings:

We offer 10€ reduction for EACH additional appliance booked.

Please ensure you decide how many appliances you would like swept upon booking as we can no longer accept a reduction of appliances on the day of the appointment, should this happen there will be a 40€ cancellation fee.

  • Payment is by cash or cheque made payable to ‘Daryl Flint’. Bank transfer is also possible, due on the day of the sweep so please ask for details in advance.

  • TTC - TVA is reduced to 10% if the property is over 2 years old and this is assumed and included in the prices above; however, if the property is under two years old, we are obliged to charge 20% TVA.

  • A typical standard sweep appointment will take 1.5 /2 hours depending on the appliance, so please be aware of this for your own planning.

  • If there was a blockage / an installation problem meaning the sweep goes beyond a standard sweep, we would need to increase the price accordingly; whilst this is not typical, we prefer people are aware of this in advance.

  • We work hard to co-ordinate the diary but there are inevitably occasions where a prior appointment can lead to unforeseeable delays. Daryl will contact you if there are significant delays.

  • Please ensure the appliance is cool and clear the immediate area for easy access i.e. remove any ornaments etc.

Re-roping service

30€+ TVA for a single door or 40€ + TVA for Large / double doors - including all materials.

(only in conjunction with a sweep; additional charge applies if you require re-roping as a stand alone service)

Glass replacement 


Please supply the appliance type/model and model number (if known) or glass measurements to the nearest mm as the price varies according to the glass size / shape.

A visit to measure the glass can be arranged free of charge if we can combine with nearby appointments.

Blockage removal


Blockage removal varies according to the extent / type of blockage and the level of follow up cleaning of our equipment (for example honey!)

Full CCTV inspection and written report

€120 + TVA (50% Reduction applies without a written report and instead, a verbal report on site is provided)

If you would like an appointment, please contact us and we will be very happy to book one in.

Please can you provide:


  • Any dates / times to avoid; we will then get back to you with an appointment.

  • For appointments furtherafield, it is necessary to combine appointments in a vicinity, this enables us to keep costs down and offer competitive pricing

  • Your full address and local directions.

  • An email address and or contact telephone number

  • What type of appliance/s to be swept i.e. woodburner/open chimney/insert/Pellet

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