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Chimney Sweeping throughout Brittany


Daryl Flint is a French Registered and insured Chimney Sweep. He qualified in the UK and is a member of the Institute of Chimney Sweeps, offering chimney sweeping and chimney sweep services throughout Brittany; predominantly in Central Brittany but also available throughout Brittany by grouping appointments together in a vicinity.

We offer a high quality sweep service, using traditional and power sweeping methods and reliable appointment times.

Services include:

  • Chimney sweeping

  • CCTV inspections

  • Certificate de ramonage for insurance purposes issued in French and a copy can also be provided in English for reference.

  • Re-roping services

  • Glass replacement 

  • Blockage removal

  • Discount for multiple appliances on the same site

Daryl will sweep your appliance and offer you advice and information, suggesting necessary recommendations.

Equally important to the quality of the sweep are the methods Daryl uses, he will assess this as he arrives and whatever method, he ensures your home is kept clean by 'sheeting up' the appliance and the use of a HEPA filter industrial vacuum (high efficiency particle air). 

Regular chimney sweeping by a registered sweep not only enables you to produce the necessary certification for your insurance company and comply with departmental regulations, it also ensures your safety and the efficient working or your appliance.


A chimney or flue liner should be swept at least once a year when burning authorised smokeless fuels and at least twice a year when burning wood or bituminous coal. Clean chimneys burn more efficiently, which will save you money, as well as helping to helping to reduce your carbon footprint.


Therefore, regular sweeping is vital as it removes soot and blockages and allows deadly gases to vent safely up through the chimney.


If you would like an appointment please contact us and we will be very happy to book one in.

Good morning Daryl and Jane. I just wanted to follow up and say thank you very much for fixing my fire, its never run so well or so hot since Daryl came over, also having the advice of how to start it and keep it working efficiently was invaluable. Thanks again from a very happy warm and toasty...


Thank you so much Daryl for your excellent service and for the amazing professional job, with no mess. We are so very pleased with the work that you did and your advice.  We learnt an awful lot about wood and wood burners.  Also we are pleased that we decided to buy a Carbon Monoxide detector as we have been saying we needed to do it for some months.

You will be recommended to all our friends and we will also be stating on Facebook our total satisfaction. 

Sue and Andrew

I just wanted to say thanks for the brilliant job you did on our burner and chimney this week. The whole house is much warmer so whatever you did made a huge difference! You really do offer a great service


Daryl and Jane - thanks for the great service!
Until next year.

Kate and Peter

Phone: 02 96 24 70 63

email: brittanychimneysweep@gmail.com

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